Volume Painting Contractor vs Quality Painting Contractor

Painting contractors in Orange County can be subdivided into two categories, volume painting contractors, and quality painting contractors.

Volume Painting Contractors

Volume painting contractors are often the less expensive option because their focus is on quantity, not quality. Therefore, most volume painting contractors operate on the premise that if they provide low prices they’ll get more work, and the more work they perform the more money they’ll make.

The pros about volume painting contractors is price. If you’re planning to reside in your home for two years or less, or need to slap on a quick coat of paint prior to listing your home for sale, this might be a good option to consider.

Volume painting contractors are often the less expensive option because they’re focus is on quantity, not quality.

The cons of volume painting contractors are quality, therefore, this option is discouraged for anyone who plans to live in their home for more than two years. The reason is that most volume contractors are often under the gun to complete the exterior painting work on your home in a short amount of time before they start losing money on the project.

This often results in the volume contractor being forced to use low-grade materials on your home to save on cost. In addition, due to tight financial constraints volume contractors often skip or expedite parts of the preparation work resulting in premature paint failure soon after the work has been completed such as chipping, flaking, cracking, and bubbling.

Quality Painting Contractors

On the other side of the spectrum quality painting contractors are often the more expensive option as can be expected due to the higher quality in materials used, better preparation work performed, and focus on customer service.

Providing the homeowner with the best long-term value for their money by ensuring the longevity of the paintwork and therefore reducing time-frames between paint jobs.

For this reason, you can expect most quality painting contractors to provide extended warranties between 2-5 years in length which cover paint failure such as chipping, flaking, peeling, and bubbling. The pros of using a quality painting contractors is the extended length of time your exterior painting job will last, usually ten plus years.

You can also expect top-tier products to be used to obtain the best results. In addition, most quality painting contractors have developed systems and procedures in place to ensure quality results. The cons of quality painting contractors are the additional length of time each project may take due to the preparation work required to achieve a higher standard of quality.